Simon & Schuster to Bring Books to Mobile Devices at Museums and Airports

By Dianna Dilworth 

Simon & Schuster LogoSimon & Schuster has partnered with mobile content distribution platform Foli to help deliver books to readers on mobile devices.

The tool allows the publisher to deliver specific books or chapters from books in specific locations. So for instance, the publisher can make a sample chapter available to people on mobile devices in a hotels or airports or museum. They publisher can select the location and the text available in order to read readers in these places.

Simon & Schuster will test drive this new feature with David McCullough’s new biography “The Wright Brothers,” which will be available at National Air and Space Museum and at more than 50 major airports nationwide beginning May 15th. Visitors to the museum or travelers at the airport can read the text via the Foli app which is available for iOS or Android devices.