Shanda Literature Acquires Controlling Stake in Rival Company

By Jason Boog Comment

shandalogo.jpgLast week the powerful online reading company Shanda acquired “controlling stake” in an online rival,

Online reading is big business in China, and Shanda Literature reportedly controls 90 percent of the market. Here’s more context from China Economic Review: “Since it was established in 2004, has become one of the largest online literature sites in China, receiving an average of 60 million daily visits from two million unique users.”

Last year we interviewed publishing consultant Rudiger Wischenbart about how Shanda managed to tap 25 million readers online.

Here’s more from Marbridge Daily: Shanda’s CEO Hou Xiaoqiang, would not reveal the purchase price. Here’s more: “Hou said Shanda Literature will make more purchases in the future. The operations team will ‘remain stable,’ Hou said, adding that Shanda will not interfere with the site’s operations.” (Via Literary Saloon)