Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday Join Forces in the American Gods Trailer

By Maryann Yin 

Starz unleashed the first trailer for the American Gods television adaptation. This unveiling took place during a San Diego Comic-Con panel which featured appearances from author Neil Gaiman, director David Slade, and executive producers Bryan Fuller and Michael Green.

The video embedded above offers glimpses of Ricky Whittle as Shadow MoonEmily Browning as Laura Moon, and Ian McShane as Mr. WednesdayUSA Today reports that other members of the cast include Yetide Badaki as BilquisGillian Anderson as MediaDane Cook as Robbie, and Kristen Chenoweth as Easter/Ēostre. The premiere episode will air in 2017.

Here’s more from Vanity Fair: “Gaiman himself—who is very involved in the production—has said that the first season of the Starz series only deals with one third of the book, and it’s evident Fuller and Green are expanding the story to fill out multiple (at least three) seasons of the show. In other words, unlike most adaptations, readers won’t have to worry about what’s missing. Instead, they can get excited for what’s been added (with Gaiman’s approval).” (via io9)