Senator Ben Sasse Inks Deal With St. Martin’s Press

By Maryann Yin 

Senator Ben Sasse 200 (GalleyCat)Ben Sasse has signed a deal with St. Martin’s Press. He has become well-known as the junior United States Senator of Nebraska.

Senator Sasse plans to write a nonfiction book entitled The Vanishing American Adult: Our Coming of Age Crisis—and How to Rebuild a Culture of Self-Reliance. The publication date has been scheduled for May 2017.

Here’s more from the press release: “In The Vanishing American Adult, Senator Sasse offers optimism, history, and wit to tackle one of the grand American crises that politics alone cannot fix: the increasing difficulty our young people are having in making the transition to adulthood. Sasse was a college president before serving in Congress – one of the only members of the Senate not to have been a politician before being elected. His concerns about perpetual adolescence – and the idea for this book – flow from his first days as a college president talking to kids finishing high school.” (Photo Credit: Matthew DeBoer)