Self-Published Author Challenges Amazon’s Review Policy

By Dianna Dilworth 

Jas Ward, an author who has self-published five books in the Kindle store, is challenging Amazon with a petition after one of her readers was unable to post a review of her book on the site. The petition, which has already garnered more than 11,000 signatures is calling on Amazon to change its policy.

The issue began after Ward’s readers began to complain to her that they were unable to post positive reviews since they had previously communicated with Ward in some way. “Your current process of removing reviews that a reader has created to show their honest & sincere opinion on a book is not fair and cripples the review process more than assists,” reads the petition.

Imy Santiago, who is also a self-published author, tried to post a positive review of another author’s book on Amazon but was rejected. After multiple attempts of trying to figure out the problem, Amazon told Santiago that they couldn’t post the review, “because your account activity indicates that you know the author.”

“I have interacted with a couple hundred authors over the past year; from events to signings, authors and writers rub elbows during networking sessions. This does NOT mean I know you personally,” she complained on her blog.