Primitive Nights & Graduation Party Ideas: Coming Attractions

By Maryann Yin 

Here are some handpicked titles from our Coming Attractions page. Want to include your book? Just read our Share Your New Book with GalleyCat Readers post for all the details.

Primitive Nights by Candi Wall: “As a member of Endurance International, Myla Jordan seeks to stop the illegal logging, diseases and displacement that threaten primitive South American tribes. While posing undercover as an engineer for one of the biggest industrial culprits—InterCorp—her helicopter crashes, stranding her in the Peruvian jungle. Captured and dragged before a tribal leader, she’s shocked by his light skin, green eyes, perfect English—and her body’s instant reaction to his touch.” (January 2013)

Graduation Party Ideas! by Traci Wald: “Decorations, Supplies, Invitations, Gifts, Food, Slideshows, Songs & More will help you throw a high school graduation party that your son or daughter will love. The checklists and budget worksheets will help you plan your party without all the stress.” (January 2013)

From Negative to Positive by Helen Vella: “How to overcome any challenge, struggle or disappointment in life. I believe anyone can overcome tragedies and setbacks and achieve their goals with these proven strategies. You could be just 10 minutes away from your next breakthrough!” (April 2013)