Pippi Longstocking Creator’s Wartime Diaries Published

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Astrid Lindgren, the creator of the popular children’s books based on the free spirited character Pippi Longstocking, began writing before she had kids. In fact, the Swedish author penned 17 volumes of journals during World War II.

Swedish publisher Salikon has just released the collection along with a biography on Lindgren. The Guardian has the scoop:

“The family has always known about her diaries. We have always thought, what a pity it was that we couldn’t show them to more people, but we considered it impossible on account of their cumbersome size. At last we decided that her notes without the cuttings are interesting enough to publish. They make a coherent story,” said Lindgren’s daughter, Karin Nyman, the original audience for Lindgren’s tales of the mischievous Pippi.

The book does not yet have an English language publisher but the Swedish edition has received accolades from the Swedish press.