AudioBooks Picks Out a Boyfriend For You

By Claire Daniel 

shutterstock_94460545Need a boyfriend this fall? You can forget Cragislist. If you can’t find the man of your dreams, he might just be out there somewhere—in the pages of a book. Or in this case, between your ear buds. Courtesy of, we bring you five bachelors to choose from:

1. Will Blakelee in The Last Song, by Nicholas Sparks

Will’s loyalty to Ronnie Miller remains strong in the end of this novel from classic chick lit author Nicholas Sparks. Connecting over family tragedy, Will is there for Ronnie in the end when she most needs him to be by sacrificing his own opportunities.

2. Augustus Waters in The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

Anyone who saw the film adaptation can attest that not a single eye remained dry in theaters. Augustus Waters shows Hazel Grace Lancaster that there is far more to life than the health conditions they were dealt in this John Green bestseller. His big personality and zest for adventure give Hazel the “little infinity” she didn’t know she needed.

3. Adam Wilde in If I Stay, by Gayle Forman

Though the characters are young, Adam Wilde’s love for Mia Hall in If I Stay defies age. Much like Will and Augustus, Adam is a rock for Mia, staying by her side while she is in “limbo,” ready to support her if she chooses to stay.

4. Alex Wheatley in Safe Haven, by Nicholas Sparks

Yes, another Sparks’ character makes the list…but anyone who got to know Alex Wheatley in this romance-infused thriller would approve. Alex is a sigh of relief to Katie, who comes from a dark past of abuse. Alex’s small-town good nature and love for his children makes him impossibly unlikeable. His assisting in Katie’s breakthrough and path to safety earn him a spot on the list.

5. Travis Maddox in Beautiful Disaster, by Jamie McGuire

Rounding out the list is the less obvious choice, and definite black sheep of these fictional boyfriends. But Travis’s connection to Abby Abernathy is no less strong than the aforementioned beaus. The qualities that initially drive Abby away from Travis are exactly what pull the reader in, creating a fresh spin beyond the your typical star-crossed lovers.