Philip K. Dick Children’s Novel Returns to Print

By Dianna Dilworth 

nickandthegCult favorite sci-fi author Philip K. Dick is best known for his short stories and novels, but Dick also wrote a lesser-known children’s book.

Nick and the Glimmung, a novel about the quest of a small boy and his family who leave Earth to save his cat, has only been in print in limited runs over the years. The book is about to be reissued by Gollancz this September in the U.K. The Guardian has more:

Dick sent the manuscript to Doubleday in the late 1960s alongside his acclaimed time-slippage story for adults, Ubik, but his editor decided to decline. Nick and the Glimmung found a publisher in 1988, six years after its author’s death, but slid out of print around 1990. A limited run was produced by the US publisher Subterranean Press in 2008, but has since sold out. Gollancz are now due to release a UK edition in September 2015.