Ph.D. Candidate Writes Dissertation in Comic Book Form

By Dianna Dilworth 

unflatteningNick Sousanis, a Columbia University doctorate candidate, turned in a less than typical doctorate. Instead of a paper, Sousanis created a graphic novel about the relationship between words and pictures in literature.

Harvard University Press published the work, which is called Unflattening. Here is more about the book from the book’s Amazon listing:

The primacy of words over images has deep roots in Western culture. But what if the two are inextricably linked, equal partners in meaning-making? Written and drawn entirely as comics, Unflattening is an experiment in visual thinking. Nick Sousanis defies conventional forms of scholarly discourse to offer readers both a stunning work of graphic art and a serious inquiry into the ways humans construct knowledge.

You can read an excerpt here. (Via BoingBoing).