Pamela Des Barres: Book Title Came From Prince Concert

By Dianna Dilworth 

Author Pamela Des Barres got the name of her book, I’m With the Band, while trying to get into a Prince concert.

Des Barres wrote two memoirs about her life as a rock groupie, one of which Kate Hudson read to  get inspiration for her character in the Cameron Crowe film Almost Famous. Des Barres shared her Prince story in Guitar Player last year. Here is an excerpt:

It was in a long white limousine, cruising through the parking lot of the Los Angeles Forum where the title of my first book came into being. Me and my ex hubby, Michael, and my dollest-pal Patti D’Arbanville, had decided to arrive at the Prince concert in high style, and as we caromed closer to our backstage passes, I stood up, thrust myself through the sliding Caddy top, shouting wildly, “I’m with the Band!!!” And without missing a drumbeat, Patti screamed, “There’s your title, Pammie!!”