Once Sold Tales Struggles with 500,000 Books

By Jason Boog Comment

Seattle-area’s Once Sold Tales will close, and the owner is struggling to find homes for 500,000 books before her warehouse closes at the end of the month. UPDATE: You can buy a book grab bag online if you want to help.

If you live near Seattle, you can visit the warehouses yourself. (Google maps link). A Reddit user posted those pictures of the store’s enormous warehouses and is trying to arrange a book sale to avoid pulping the books. Check it out:

Times have not been good to bookstores and Carrie is closing her store. She currently has about half a million books that she wants to find homes for. Because housing all these books is now costing more than she or her business can afford, Carrie is left with few options. If nothing is done, she will have to pulp all books left unsold. While there are many pounds of books, nobody wants that … Carrie will be operating her website and selling books at the warehouse (1$ for paperbacks, 2$ for hardback, or 1.50$/lb) until the end of May … Details are still getting worked out but it looks like 10 dollars for 8 books or 18 for 16. Details forthcoming as well as how to actually make the order.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post misidentified the Reddit user as a former employee.