NYPL to Reopen the Rose Reading Room in October 2016

By Maryann Yin 

Rose ReadingThe New York Public Library will reopen the Rose Main Reading Room and Bill Blass Public Catalog Room on October 5. The Rose Main Reading Room has become a treasured space for New York City library patrons.

Tony Marx, president of the organization, gave this statement in the press release: “The Library has eagerly anticipated the reopening of these glorious rooms, architectural gems which for over 100 years have been home to scholars, writers, students, and all members of the public who want to access our renowned research collections, learn, and create. As great stewards of all of our libraries, we are proud of this important project, which ensures that these spectacular spaces remain as inspiring as they were on they day they opened.

In May 2014, a plaster rosette fell from the ceiling in the Rose Main Reading Room. The executives behind the organization closed the room along with the Bill Blass Public Catalog Room to make repairs. Originally, construction on the two rooms, found inside the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, was not supposed to be finished until 2017.