Novel by Robot Passes First Round in Japanese Lit Prize

By Dianna Dilworth 

A novel written through an artificial intelligence program has passed through the first round of judging for the Hoshi Shinichi Literary Award.

The book is called, The Day A Computer Writes A Novel, and is one of 11 books submitted to the prize that were written by robots (1,450 books were submitted in total). Digital Trends has more:

“I was surprised at the work because it was a well-structured novel. But there are still some problems [to overcome] to win the prize, such as character descriptions,” said Satoshi Hase, a Japanese science fiction novelist who was part of the press conference surrounding the award.

These programs are not without some human intelligence. As The Los Angeles Times points out, there is about 80 percent human involvement, as the programmers created plot points, character details and words and phrases. The computer did construct the text.