New Yorker Writers Ponder Trump’s America

By Dianna Dilworth 

Sixteen authors have responded to different aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency in The New Yorker.

George Packer talks about the Democratic opposition. Atul Gawande writes on the future of Obamacare. Hilary Mantel addresses the unseen. Peter Hessler discusses the rural vote. Toni Morrison examines whiteness. Jane Mayer takes up climate-change denial. Evan Osnos deliberates on the Schwarzenegger precedent. Jeffrey Toobin considers the Supreme Court. Mary Karr explains the language of bullying. Jill Lepore exposes a fractured nation. Gary Shteyngart thinks about life in dystopia. Nicholas Lemann reviews the Wall Street factor. Larry Wilmore writes on the birtherism of a nation. Jia Tolentino discusses protests. Mark Singer explores Trump as an actor. Junot Díaz discusses Radical Resilience.

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