New Yorker Launches a New Digital Novella Program

By Maryann Yin 

New Yorker Logo (GalleyCat)The New Yorker has launched a new digital program to showcase long-form fiction called New Yorker Novella. The fiction editors of the publication will edit the pieces.

The first novella being featured, entitled In Hindsight, comes from writer Callan Wink. It will also appear in his forthcoming short story collection entitled Dog Run Moon.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece: “Lauren followed the drag mark for a mile down the gravel road and then another half mile down her dusty driveway and then parked her truck and cried. The bastard had shot one of her steers—one of six, red Texas longhorns—and dragged it down the road by its neck and deposited it here for her to find, practically on her front step.”