New York Public Library Opens Exhibit in Honor of Philip Levine

By Maryann Yin Comment

nypl logoThe New York Public Library (NYPL) is hosting a pop-up exhibit in honor of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Philip Levine at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building.

Some of the items on display include the first page of T.S. Eliot’s famed poem “The Waste Land” (which includes annotations from Ezra Pound), a handwritten manuscript of John Keats’ piece “Sonnet to Sleep,” and a first edition copy of Walt Whitman’s beloved book Leaves of Grass. A closing date has been scheduled for June 25th.

Curator Isaac Gewirtz had this statement in the press release: “Philip Levine was a poet of the working man and woman, but he was also a poet filled with wonder at the mystery of existence. We are fortunate that the history of his astonishing creativity, which sprang from these sources, is found in his papers at the The New York Public Library.”