Neil Gaiman On Writing in Your Own Voice

By Maryann Yin 

Neil GaimanOne of the perks of new technology is the access that readers now have to some of their favorite authors. Neil Gaiman has become very well-known for his high level of activity across a number of social media platforms. Recently, Gaiman has taken to answering questions and share tips about the writing craft on his Tumblr page.

One fan expressed his concern that the pieces he has written sound very similar to the work of other writers. Gaiman answered: “When we start out, we sound like other people. As we write we sound more and more like ourselves, and we become ourselves. We learn that it’s not the ideas that matter as much as the way we express the idea.”

Do you agree with Gaiman’s opinion? Two other questions that have recently popped up concern finishing a writing project and inserting your own personality traits into a fictional character. Click here and here to read Gaiman’s responses.