National Novel Writing Month Writers Produced 3 Billion Words

By Jason Boog 

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) ended last night as writers around the world counted a collective total of 3,073,176,540 words this year–273 million more words than last year.

As these writers toiled away, we published daily links to writing tools and tips. We’ve collected the individual posts below–the advice will work all year round.

Here is our final piece of advice: Take a break and then edit like crazy. Remember your NaNoWriMo manuscript is just a draft and it takes  A LOT more work to publish.

1. Read 30 Tips from Last Year
2. Use the Reference Desk
3. Type a Poem
4. Make a Mind Map
5. Reward Yourself
6. Seek Figment Support
7. Download Seven Free Writing eBooks
8. Get a Literary Butt-Kicking
9. Write What You DON’T Know
10. Fight a Word War
11. Write in the Same Place
12. Download the Free Writing Cheatsheet
13. “Obvious to you. Amazing to others.”
14. Listen to Spotify: NaNoWriMo Tip #14
15. Take the Random Cliche Test
16. Consult a Plot Doctor
17. Fix Your Computer Screen Color
18. Join the Typewriter Brigade
19. Fill Out a Character Chart
20. Meet Your Deadline with Kittens
21. Use the Symbolitron
22. Make a Spreadsheet
23. Explore the World with Globe Genie
24. Write with Your Neighbors
25. Try Communal World Building
26. Write by Hand
27. Adopt an Idea
28. Explore the Onomatopoeia Dictionary
29. Swap Your Novel
30. Keep Writing Every Day