Name That Hybrid

By Carmen Comment

We asked for names for a hybrid fiction/non-fiction category, and we got them. Some of those submitted over the transom:

Fictiony and Non-Fictiony
FIFM – Faking it for Money
EVI – Exaggerated Version, Indeed!
IDQR – I Don’t Quite Remember
TLDLTT- The Legal Department Let This Through
MSHS – My Story, How Sad
HTHCIRATF – How The Hell Could I Remember All Those Facts!

Michael Stutz brings us up to speed about the “Nonfiction novel” movement, which “was an attempt, way back in the 60s, at codifying this very thing: basically first-person prose narratives reporting on a scene or happening, and framed up as a novel, all the names changed.” And memoir writer Judy Gregerson points out the difficulty of remembering facts and filling out the blanks. “You do the best you can, but as I look back on the story I published some years ago, I have to wonder what the hell I was thinking at the time. I don’t remember half that stuff now.”