Monstrumologist Series to Return After Fans Campaign

By Jason Boog Comment

On Friday, YA novelist Rick Yancey told fans that Simon & Schuster would continue his award winning Monstrumologist series in 2013.

He tweeted the news: “In case you haven’t heard, publisher hears voices of fans, decides to publish 4th volume of The Monstrumologist. All credit to the fans! … Publisher surprised by fan reaction and I’m surprised by publisher’s!”

Last week the publisher had decided to drop the series and the Stephanie Reads blog launched a letter-writing campaign to save the series–attracting the attention of School Library Journal and Booklist.

Yancey had a long interview with Bookshelves of Doom about the future of the series.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview: “I was surprised. I won’t say shocked. Times had changed since S&S had acquired the series in ’07. The whole damn world had changed. I understood – even expected – a much lower advance. But no more books? Really? What was the reasoning? My agent quoted them as saying, ‘We think we’ve spent too much on these books already. We’re not prepared to spend any more.’ (As a rather odd tidbit, I’ve recently learned that the very same month they told me no, they said yes to a multi-book deal with Hilary Duff.”

Editor’s note: This post has been updated as the story evolved.