Milkweed Editions’ New Bookstore Has Been Featured on Kickstarter

By Maryann Yin 

Milkweed Editions has raised more than $26,000 on Kickstarter for a nonprofit, independent bookstore called Milkweed Books.

The initial goal for this crowdfunding campaign was set at $25,000. We’ve embedded a video about this project above.

Here’s more from the Kickstarter web page: “Milkweed Books is a part of Milkweed Editions, but this doesn’t mean we will only sell books that we ourselves publish. Instead, the store’s mix of titles will reflect our mission: Milkweed Books will showcase and sell titles primarily published by independent presses, nonprofit presses, and other publishers working to bring the most exciting literary art to the marketplace. If you want to find the best new poetry, or creative nonfiction, or short stories, or translations, this bookstore is for you.”

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