Meryl Streep to Star in The Nix Television Series

By Maryann Yin 

Meryl Streep 200 (GalleyCat)Meryl Streep, a three-time Oscar-winning actress, has signed on for a roleĀ in a television show called The Nix. According to Vanity Fair, the story for this adaptation project comes from Nathan Hill’s recently-released novel.

Hill and J.J. Abrams, a renowned Hollywood filmmaker, have both agreed to serve as executive producers. At this point in time, no screenwriters have been hired.

Here’s more from The Hollywood Reporter: “Hill’s critically acclaimed debut novel follows a man named Samuel Andresen-Anderson, whose mother, Faye, reappears decades after she abandoned the family. She becomes the center of controversy for allegedly committing an absurd crime, and Samuel must dig back into her secretive past to try to save her. The novel is described as a sprawling satire that spans from the suburban Midwest to New York City to the 1968 riots that rocked Chicago and beyond.” (via Slash Film)