Marvel to Publish a Rocket Raccoon Series

By Maryann Yin 

Rocket Raccoon Comic (GalleyCat)Marvel announced plans to publish a solo Rocket Raccoon comics series. The first issue will be released on December 28.

Matthew Rosenberg has come on board to write the story. Jorge Coelho has signed on to create the illustrations. Antonio Fabela has agreed to work on the colors.

In an interview with, Rosenberg shares his thoughts on the nature of this rambunctious character: “Rocket is a loner by nature. Or at least he is really good at telling himself that. He has to deal with things that the other Guardians can’t really understand. He has a troubled past, a lot of personal demons and people who don’t know him treat him like a real freak. Which he sort of is, but it’s still rude. So Rocket wants to head out, get off Earth as quick as he can, and if the other Guardians aren’t interested then what good are they? I don’t think he wants to be on his own, but he isn’t going to be tied down for anyone or anything.”