Marvel to Launch the Cosplay Variant Program

By Maryann Yin 

marvel logoHave you ever wanted to model for a book cover? A select group of fans will don costumes and do just that thanks to Marvel’s new cosplay variant program.

David Gabriel, the senior vice president of sales and marketing, gave this statement in the press release: “Each convention I go to, it seems like there are more and more fans dressing up like their favorite Marvel characters. These homemade, hand-crafted costumes are so elaborate, it looks like they leapt off the comic page. The Cosplay Variant initiative is our way of supporting a community that supports us.”

Twenty-one comic enthusiasts will be featured on the covers of forthcoming Marvel comic books such as Avengers #0, Daredevil #1, and Spider-Gwen #1. Click here to see 20 cover designs. To learn more about the art of cosplay, check out this video on “How to Cosplay Like a Boss” from the YouTube Nation channel. (via Screen Crush)