Marvel Comics to Publish the Deadpool: Back in Black Series

By Maryann Yin 

Deadpool Venomon Cover (GalleyCat)Marvel announced plans to publish the Deadpool: Back in Black comic book series. The first issue will be released on October 5.

This new project will serve as the follow-up to the Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars series. In this story, the “Merc with a Mouth” serves as the host for a symbiote parasite which will become the villainous Venom. Cullen Bunn, a writer, and Salva Espin, an artist, worked on this new series together.

In an interview with, Espin shared his thoughts about working on these new comics: “In this Back in Black series we have the opportunity to introduce Deadpool in the world of 80’s Spider-Man. This is interesting both in terms of script and the artistic part. In the script, Deadpool will meet Spider-Man-related trouble that he has not sought. Of course this will result in very crazy and funny ‘Pool situations. In the art, it is a great opportunity to mix the crazy expressions of Deadpool with the [black costume Spider-Man] poses. My favorite two super heroes!”