Make a Spreadsheet: NaNoWriMo Tip #22

By Jason Boog 

Artist and writer Svenja has created a free set of Excel spreadsheets you can use to track your characters, chapters, word count and progress in a single place.

Check it out: “I finally finished updating last year’s word count tracker for NaNoWriMo! I made several different designs and several different formats, because I tend to get a bit carried away with Microsoft Excel. So, here’s the full pack, containing nine different designs … Each file contains several sheets – instructions, word tracker, a progress chart, sheets for filling in your novel info, chapter lists, and character lists, as well as sections for developing plot and characters. If you don’t need all that, just delete them! If you don’t want all the extra designs, I also uploaded the single, updated version of last year’s NaNo word tracker – here’s the download page.”

This is our twenty-second NaNoWriMo Tip of the Day. As writers around the country join the writing marathon this month, we will share one piece of advice or writing tool to help you cope with this daunting project.