Library Made of Books Will be Built at Bay Area Book Festival

By Dianna Dilworth 


A nonprofit art group called FLUX Foundation will build a giant library made out of books at the inaugural Bay Area Book Festival this June.

The project is called Lacuna and will be constructed of 50,000 books donated to the effort by the Internet Archive. The installation will be a MLK Civic Center Park in Berkeley, CA.

Check it out:

Like a library, access is entirely free, and visitors will be able to peruse shelves and remove books that capture their imagination. As books are removed from Lacuna, the structure will morph—gaps in the book brickwork will cause changes in the way light and sound filter through Lacuna’s walls, creating an ever-changing play of color, shape, and sound that will evolve over time. Benches in and around Lacuna’s will provide places for reading, discussion, and contemplation of the ideas contained within Lacuna’s walls.