Librarian Gives Away Free Books at the Republican National Convention

By Maryann Yin 

Make America Read Again Librarian (GalleyCat)What would it take to “Make America Read Again?” Jonathan Harris, a librarian, decided to use his vacation time to give away free books to protesters and attendees at the Republican National Convention.

Harris (pictured, via) has made it his personal mission to help people recognize the value of libraries and that these institutions need public funding. When he’s not on vacation, Harris serves as a Portage County District Library branch manager (based in Cleveland, OH).

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Harris discussed his experience with this endeavor: “I’ve handed out books to a pretty varied crowd, from SDS, to a delegate from Texas, and to a few RTA employees taking a lunch break. Nobody, even here, is going to make a point of hating reading or libraries. I’ve tried to make my pitch for what we do and how vital public funding for libraries is.” (via Bustle)