Liam Sharp to Serve as an Exclusive Artist for DC and Vertigo

By Maryann Yin 

DC_Logo_RGB_031816Liam Sharp has signed on as a comics artist for the DC and Vertigo imprints at DC Entertainment. His new contract dictates that he will create illustrations exclusively for this publisher.

In addition to being an artist, Sharp has also worked as a writer and co-founded a publishing venture called Madefire. Throughout his artistic career, he has worked on projects that star several popular superheroes including Batman (a.k.a. Bruce Wayne), Superman (a.k.a. Clark Kent), and Wonder Woman (a.k.a. Diana Prince).

Here’s more from the press release: “Sharp will continue his incredible storytelling with writer Greg Rucka on DC’s Wonder Woman, which began with ‘Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1’ on June 8, 2016. Sharp currently illustrates the odd-numbered issues of Wonder Woman, entitled ‘The Lies,’ with co-artist Nicola Scott illustrating the ‘Wonder Woman Year One’ story in the even issues.”