Kurt Vonnegut Documentary on Kickstarter

By Dianna Dilworth 

Filmmakers Robert Weide and Don Argott hope to raise $250,000 on Kickstarter to fund a documentary film on author Kurt Vonnegut.

Weide met Vonnegut in 1988 and spent years filming the author. The two became close friends, so much so that Weide never completed the film. Here is more about the project from the Kickstarter page:

What started out as a conventional documentary about an author, had now become a highly personal experience that suddenly felt exploitative to release publicly. And the years kept ticking by. (Incredibly, in 2015, Weide is just five years short of Vonnegut’s age when he first approached the author.) Finally, it was a Vonnegut intimate, close to the project, who suggested full disclosure, citing that the evolving friendship between author and fan should be folded into the film — in the same way that Vonnegut often interacts with characters in his own fictional narratives.

Weide has brought on Argott to help direct the segments in which Weide stars.