Kola Boof Wins Swedish “Woman to Woman” Award

By Neal 

kola-boof-approvedphoto.jpgRemember Kola Boof, the author who had a brief moment as a figure of fun at Gawker (among many other media outlets) last summer after Harper‘s ran an excerpt from her memoirs detailing her abusive relationship with Osama bin Laden? She wants you to know that she’s not the “sex slave” the media have made her out to be—so she’s spreading the word that she won a Swedish literary award last month for an essay called “I Am My Own Daughter” that appeared in a women’s magazine. Apparently she received the “World Author’s Woman to Woman Pen” during a reading at the Schomburg Center in Harlem last month, which featured the first public performance of the poem “Indigenism: White Man/Bare Chest,” written in honor of self-styled Native American political activist Ward Churchill, who she views as a victim of persecution. (A minority view, to be sure.)