Keith Richards Loves Libraries

By Maryann Yin 

Last Friday, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards made an appearance at the New York Public Library to talk about his new memoir, Life.

People had stood in line since 8 a.m. for the event. Each ticket purchase included a signed copy of the book.

Richards revealed a lifelong love for libraries. He jokingly pointed out that it was one of the few places where even he obeyed the rules (i.e. silence).

He explained: “To me, it was a place you got a hint that may be there was a thing called civilization … It was a place I went to find out things I wanted to find out about.”

The rest of the night was devoted to a wide array of topics. When broaching on the controversial matter of the Rolling Stones vs. the Beatles, Richards explained that the Beatles are more vocal and lyrical while the Rolling Stones make more use of their instruments and their tunes.

Richards also discussed fatherhood, his first meeting with Sir Mick Jagger, and rocking out with Muddy Waters. Speaking of Jagger, the mother of his four children Jerry Hall recently released her illustrated biography, Jerry Hall: My Life in Pictures.