Judd Apatow Reveals His Favorite Writers

By Dianna Dilworth 

juddapatowFrom works by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Maya Angelou to Dave Eggers and Amy Bloom, writer/director/producer Judd Apatow buys lots of books.

While his shelves are full of books, he doesn’t always get to reading them all, he revealed in an interview with The New York Times. In the interview, the author of the forthcoming book Sick in the Head: Conversations About Life and Comedy also disclosed his favorite comedy writers. Here is an excerpt:

I can make the Sunday Times twice as thick if I name all of the people I admire. I loved Jack Handey’s book “The Stench of Honolulu: A Tropical Adventure.” I loved Bob Odenkirk’s book “A Load of Hooey.” Steve Martin is a great writer and great at everything. Adam Resnick’s book “Will Not Attend: Lively Stories of Detachment and Isolation.” I think many of the great TV dramas are also comedies. So, David Simon (“The Wire”); David Chase (“The Sopranos”); Matthew Weiner (“Mad Men”); and David Milch (“Deadwood”). Garry Shandling’s work is unparalleled. James Brooks. Robert Smigel. Amy Schumer. Lena Dunham.