Joshua Tallent Analyzes Barnes & Noble, Amazon & Kobo Tablets

By Dianna Dilworth 

While last year everybody talked about eInk devices, this year Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo have each released new eReading tablets. But each company is in a slightly different position to sell content on tablets. In an interview with, Joshua Tallent, the founder/CEO of eBook Architects, says that the Kindle Fire makes sense for Amazon but tablets make less sense for Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

He says: “The Kindle fire is a good idea for Amazon, because they have the ability to sell that content. They have videos and music, so it makes sense for them to build out that ecosystem. Barnes & Noble and Kobo tablets make less sense to me, since neither one are focused on selling movies, videos or music …When Barnes & Noble came out with the Nook Tablet, the whole thing was tied to Netflix and Hulu. In a sense, I don’t see the purpose because their experience is so tied to books. However, the only caveat would be magazine content or children’s books; the new tablets do create a better reading experience for this kind of content.”

Tallent will be speaking at our upcoming Publishing App Expo, where you can learn more about app publishing and eBook formatting.