Josh Boone to Direct a Revival Movie Adaptation

By Maryann Yin 

RevivalJosh Boone will direct a film adaptation based on Stephen King’s Revival. Scribner, an imprint at Simon & Schuster, first published King’s suspense novel back in November 2014.

According to Variety, Boone has been working on the script for this project. Michael De Luca has come on board as a producer.

Deadline reports that the story stars “a charismatic preacher who loses his faith when his wife and child are killed in a tragic accident. Unhinged from the religion that grounded and gave him a conscience, the preacher becomes ruthless in his experimentation into the healing but dangerous power of electrical current, positioning him to act as God-like faith healer and opening a terrifying Pandora’s Box. Intertwined with the preacher is a young man with demons of his own, who has benefited from the preacher’s talents and becomes a reluctant accomplice to his deadly obsession.” (via ScreenCrush)