John Waters Hitchhikes Across Country For New Book

By Dianna Dilworth Comment

Author and filmmaker John Waters has hitchhiked across the United States to gather material for a new book called Carsick, which will be published by FSG.

Waters did not disguise himself and instead told the people that gave him rides who he was and what he was doing. Some of them believed him (after Googling it), some did not, and some already knew who he was. He got 15 rides from different drivers which included an indie rock band and a politician. The New York Times has more about his motivation:

‘My life is so over-scheduled, what will happen if I give up control?’ Mr. Waters said by phone from San Francisco, where he was safe, sound and still surging with adrenaline. In doing so, he said he encountered a true cross-section of America: ‘Pot smokers, cops, I got everybody. And everybody was lovely.’

We met up with Waters at the National Book Awards last year, where he gave us writing advise.