James Patterson Takes on Stephen King in New BookShot

By Dianna Dilworth 

lg-bookshots-murder-of-stephen-king.jpgJames Patterson is taking on Stephen King in his latest BookShot, a series designed to get non-readers into reading.

The Murder of Stephen King is a 150-page digital book, designed to read in a short sitting. The story stars a stalker named Stephen King that parrots murders from King’s novels, and eventually tries to go after King himself.

“I’ve been a Stephen King fan for many years, and writing this book gave me the opportunity explore what happens when an author’s own novels put him in danger,” says Patterson. “The story is entirely fictitious, and a product of my imagination.  Readers will be surprised by the outcome, and I hope that my fans – and all mystery fans alike – will enjoy it.”


The book drops on November 1st.