James Patterson Cancels the Publication of The Murder of Stephen King

By Maryann Yin 

The Murder of Stephen King Novel (GalleyCat)James Patterson has cancelled the publication of his book, The Murder of Stephen King. He co-wrote this novel with Derek NikitasStephen King did not take part in its creation.

According to The Associated Press, the story follows “an obsessed fan out to get King and of the detective (who happens to be named Jamie Peterson) trying to save him. The novel is part of his BookShots series of ‘pulse-pounding thrillers under $5 and 150 pages or less.'”

BBC News reports that Patterson found out about real-life fans who had actually caused disturbances at King’s home in the past. He decided it would be best to not publish the book to avoid causing King or his family any unpleasantness. Prior to this decision, Little, Brown and Company had scheduled the novel to be released on November 1. (via The Independent)