James Franco Lands Lead Role in 11/22/63 Hulu Series

By Maryann Yin 

James FrancoJames Franco has landed the lead role of Jake Epping in the 11/22/63 mini-series.

According to Deadline, Franco’s character is “an unassuming divorced English teacher who stumbles upon a time portal that leads to 9/9/1958 and goes on a quest to try and prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy, which occurred on November 22, 1963.” The actor will also serve as a producer.

This nine-hour adaptation, based on Stephen King’s 2011 thriller novel, will air on Hulu. Variety reports that “at the time of the series’ announcement, King commented, ‘If I ever wrote a book that cries out for longform, event-TV programming, ‘11/22/63’ is it.'” King has been named one of the executive producers for this project. (via Entertainment Weekly)