J.K. Rowling Unveils New Story on ‘Witch Trials’

By Maryann Yin Comment

History of Magic in North America (GalleyCat)J.K. Rowling has written a new story called “Seventeenth Century and Beyond” which focuses on “the Salem Witch trials.” Harry Potter fans will be able to read the piece online at Pottermore. Here’s an excerpt:

“The famous Salem Witch Trials of 1692-93 were a tragedy for the wizarding community. Wizarding historians agree that among the so-called Puritan judges were at least two known Scourers, who were paying off feuds that had developed while in America. A number of the dead were indeed witches, though utterly innocent of the crimes for which they had been arrested.”

This piece represents the second of four installments from Rowling’s History of Magic in North America series. Yesterday, the Pottermore team posted her story on the magical abilities of “skin walkers.” In the past, she has written essays and shared new information on Potions Master Severus Snape, Hogwarts’ resident bully Draco Malfoy, and Divination teacher Sybill Trelawney.