Interactive Story App on Kickstarter

By Dianna Dilworth 

Sarah Towle is trying to raise $40,000 for her company Time Traveler Tours & Tales to build an interactive story app that gives a tour of historic Florence through Mary Hoffman’s Tale of Renaissance Giants: Michelangelo & David.

The app guides tourists through an interactive first-person story that is based on true events from 16th century Florence, Italy.

Here is more about the project from the Kickstarter page:

In the Footsteps of Giants StoryAppTour, to be developed for iPhone, transports you to the streets of old Florence. You’ll feel as if you are there–a witness to history–as you watch one of the greatest artists of all time carve one of the most iconic sculptures in world history. Through immersive, high context games and activities, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the time and place in which Michelangelo lived and worked, interacting not just with your device, but with your companions and, most importantly, your surroundings.