Instapaper Champions Long-Form Writing

By Jason Boog Comment

Today Capital NY profiled Marco Arment, the designer behind the simple and free reading app, Instapaper.  His practical app lets readers save a copy of long-form essays and articles on the Internet, archiving a copy offline in an easy-reading format for iPhone, iPad, ePub, Kindle, or printing.

At eBookNewser, we outlined how you could use Instapaper to save online short stories  from our Best Online Writers Directory and read them on your eReader. You can use the same steps to save the work from all your favorite literary journals, magazines, and online newspapers.

Here’s more from the article: “Arment recently stepped down as Tumblr’s lead developer to expand Instapaper into a full-fledged start-up. He told The New York Times that 800,000 people have signed up for Instapaper, and 200,000 of them use it on a regular basis … The fact that Instapaper seems to be heading in the opposite direction from so many sites starting up now—one that encourages reading long-form writing instead of short bursts of text and pictures—is part of what makes Instapaper refreshing. It’s also what makes it a risky bet.”