Huffington Post Points to ‘Lifted Passages’ in George W. Bush’s Memoir

By Jason Boog 

bushbook.jpgThe Huffington Post has published a long investigative feature by Ryan Grim, comparing similarities between George W. Bush’s memoir and other works written about his Presidency.

We’ve included two similar passages below, showing similarities HuffPo reporters found between Bush’s memoir and Bob Woodward’s Bush at War. Other books mentioned in the article included: Robert Draper’s Dead Certain, Ahmed Rashid’s The Mess in Afghanistan, and General Tommy Franks’ American Soldier.

Read the article–what do you think? Here’s more about Woodward similarities: “The Bush White House challenged the accuracy of Bob Woodward’s account of the administration’s march toward war when he turned critical, but Bush relied heavily on those texts.”

From Decision Points, p. 145: “I began my first Cabinet meeting since the terrorist attacks. As I stepped into the room, the team broke out in sustained applause. I was surprised, and I choked up at their heartfelt support. The tears flowed for the second time in two days.”

From Woodward’s Bush at War, p. 65: “The entire Cabinet, meeting at the White House for the first time since the terrorist attacks, stood and applauded when President Bush entered the room. Caught by surprise, Bush choked up for a moment, the second time in two days he had lost his composure in front of others.”

Passages via The Huffington Post.