How To Make a Literary Infographic

By Jason Boog Comment

Consultant Laura E. Kelly created an infographic called What Species of Book Reader Are You?, helping readers around the globe identify their particular style of literary consumption.

We’ve embedded the complete infographic below. You can click to enlarge. At the same time, Kelly also offered a number of tips and tools for making your own infographic. Check it out:

Make your own infographic at Visual.lyChartsbin or using these other free tools. (But have a good layout idea sketched out before you get to the design stage.) Some technical tipsHow to promote an infographic: [more info here]  (Also Google this topic—tons of info out there.) Get help making/placing your infographic: I’m guessing pretty much any graphic designer you know could make your infographic for you, if you provide the text or numbers and if they can follow the specs of the format, but you can also find experienced people to hire at Elance, Fiverr,, or by Googling “infographic designer.”

What Species of Reader Are You?--Infographic

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