How To Find the Book on the Tip of Your Tongue

By Jason Boog Comment

Trying to remember a book you read as a child? Need help finding the title of a short story you loved in college?

Post your query on the Tip of My Tongue page at Reddit–thousands of dedicated readers will help you find the book.

One reader also suggested three other alternatives: AbeBooks’ BookSleuth forum, Barnes & Noble’s Lost Books forum or Amazon’s Askville forum.

Here’s a sample query that ended up getting solved in minutes: “It’s a short story about how technology progresses in the future and eventually becomes a sort of God thing … And then the universe dies and the technology starts the universe all over again. The last line in the story is ‘let there be light.'”

Reddit also has a Cold Case message board if you can’t find an answer to your question after 24 hours. Try the What’s the Word page if you are stumped while trying to find a synonym or tough vocabulary word you can’t remember.