How to Control Your Facebook Apps

By Jason Boog 

Last week Facebook unveiled partnerships with different apps like Netflix, Spotify and other services. Along with these changes, Spotify suddenly started revealing your musical tastes in automated Facebook updates.

We love sharing writing music playlists on this blog, but it is very annoying to bombard your friends with live access to your listening habits. If you want to stop showing your friends what music you you listen to or movies you have rented, you need to disable a number of automatic features your privacy and app settings.

Instead of shutting down your Facebook page, just follow our steps below for cleaning up your Facebook settings and bring your apps back under control.

How to Control Your Facebook Apps

1. Go to Account Settings and check all your privacy settings.

2. Go to App Settings. Explore every single app listed. Delete the apps you never use.

3. On the apps you do use, click the “Edit” button.

4. While editing the settings for individual apps, choose your “This app can…” options carefully. For example, Spotify will automatically post your musical habits to your wall unless you turn off the function.

5. Double-check your “App activity privacy” tab (pictured) and decide how many friends you want to see your activity with that app.

6. As long as you are checking, explore your privacy settings as well. These crucial buttons control who sees your posts and what they see.

7. Repeat this process frequently.