How Much Do Amazon Interns Earn?

By Dianna Dilworth 

Amazon interns earn an average of $7,634 a month, plus $2161 a month for living expenses, as well as a $22,538 signing bonus, according to new data from a undergraduate computer science student.

Purdue University student Jesse Collins has been collecting self reported information on the salaries of interns and recent grads at major tech companies and has created a Google spreadsheet with the results. Tech Crunch has more:

For example, Collins found that, according to 19 survey respondents so far, Facebook is offering an average annual salary of $109,526 with a massive signing bonus of $79,737 for employees in technical roles like iOS or full stack developer, or software or network engineer.

By comparison, according to 31 survey respondents, Google is paying recent graduates in tech roles an average of $107,000 annualized salary with an average signing bonus of $27,327.