How Authors Can Sell Through Indie Bookstores Online

By Jason Boog 

Novelist Chuck Wendig reminded authors to support indie bookstores this week in a passionate post.

Below, we’ve outlined five ways authors can add links to independent bookstores on their websites, mostly using the IndieBound service. Wendig did not tell authors to stop linking to Amazon, but reminded all writers to at least include a link to their favorite bookstores. Check it out:

Indie bookstores are vital. The best of them connect authors and readers and foster a book-lover’s community in a way that Amazon never can and never will. They can compete with Amazon on a level that Amazon will never understand — like insurgent freedom fighters pushing back a militarily-superior enemy. Indie bookstores will handsell the holy hell out of your books. They are active agents promoting things they love and authors they dig — they are not the passive Amazon recommendation engine. They’re people! Who love books! Maybe your books! How is that a bad thing? So: link to Indiebound, will ya? And if you have a favorite indie bookstore, link to them, too.

5 Ways Authors Can Sell Through Indie Bookstores Online

1. Add a simple link on your site: Use the IndieBound search, find your book and copy the link.

2. Sign up as an IndieBound Affiliate: Sign up here to use IndieBound as a way to sell books on your site.

3. Add a Book Widget to your site: If you are an affiliate, you can build one at the IndieBound Widget Workshop.

4. Share the Indie Bookstore Finder with your readers: Use this handy online map to help readers discover a local indie bookstore.

5. Remind your readers How To Buy eBooks at Your Favorite Indie Bookstore.

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