Heritage Auctions to Sell J.K. Rowling’s Former Writing Chair

By Maryann Yin 

harrypotterHeritage Auctions has put a wooden chair formerly owned by J.K. Rowling up for sale. The famed author sat on this piece of furniture while writing the first two installments of the Harry Potter series.

Rowling painted words and left her signature on the chair. The winner of the auction will also receive an autographed letter from her “by Owl Post.” Click on this link to watch a video about the chair.

Here’s more information about the item from the auction house website: “On the stiles and splats, in gold and rose colors: ‘You may not / find me pretty ~ / but don’t judge / on what you see.’ Rowling signed the backrest in the gold and rose paints. Then along the apron of the seat: ‘I wrote / Harry Potter / while sitting / on this chair.'” (via The Guardian)